The cleaning Business isn't easy but you have to find the way to find the reason why you started the business in the first place.

The Door to Door Sales are the hardest. But once you have startedyour business make sure to start creating packages for your clients as they want your services, therefore is the given reason you are in their household in the first place.
See the one thing that I have found in doing sales all these years is that people want to spend their money. They just don't work for it! Therefore you have to take the opportunity to sale a package that will fit there needs and or the money they have to spend. Ex: a house may be looking to have the floors and the kitchen, bathrooms and dusting but is also looking for more services. I would leave the more or other services aside and give them a great price in the things that would keep my customer happy and as time goes the customer will invest more in the other services you have to offer.
Commercial Office Cleaning

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